Song Of The Day: The Red Button, “Free”

The Power Pop pleasures concocted by the California duo The Red Button brings to mind all sorts of wonderful Sixties vibes; “Beatlesque” is a term that’s not inappropriate to describe their music. But these two fellows are musical veterans and award-winning songwriters in their own right, with Seth Swirsky having written a bonafide pop classic, Taylor Dayne‘s fantastic “Tell It To My Heart,” while creative partner Mike Ruekberg is a noted studio musician. The band’s about to release their third album, and first album in six years, Now It’s All This! Concurrently, they’re reissuing remastered versions of their previous two albums, and what better time to revisit one of my favorite songs of theirs, taken from 2007’s debut album, She’s About To Cross My Mind. We love this song for its harmonies, its slightly psychedelic melody, and its all-around gorgeousness. I’m sure you’ll agree.


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