Tag: 2007

Song Of The Day: X-Press 2 With Tim DeLaughter, “Witchi Tai To” (2 Lone Swordsmen Remix)

We pay tribute to the late, great Andrew Weatherall by revisiting a more obscure remix production that we’ve always fancied, one that showed a more subtle side to the innovative mixmaster.

All Of Your Heartbreak Has Been Sung: A Conversation With Richard Swift

We were saddened to learn of the death of Richard Swift. We revisit a conversation held with him in 2007, one that captures his restless spirit and his feelings about the music industry.

Song Of The Day: The Mary Onettes, “Lost”

Taken from the Labrador Records release, The Mary Onettes.

Song Of The Day: The Red Button, “Free”

Taken from The Red Button release, She’s About To Cross My Mind.

Song Of The Day: Brett Anderson, “Clowns”

Taken From the Edsel release, Brett Anderson: Complete Solo Works.

Song Of The Day: Richmond Fontaine, “The Water Wars”

Taken from the Decor Records release, Thirteen Cities: Complete Sessions.

Song Of The Day: Star, “Exploding Order”

Taken from the Saint Marie Records release, Devastator.

Twilight Music: His Name Is Alive, “Send Me A Dragonfly” (2007)

A gorgeous, fourteen-minute ambient piece from an obscure Spanish EP release; or rather, a piano and wind duet.

3AM Eternal: The Hussy’s “We Expected” (2007)

A fun little angry pop nugget from Scotland.