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Ray Charles, “Lift Every Voice And Sing”

We close out this month’s theme with Ray Charles’ rousing take on the Black National Anthem, and a few thoughts on the past month’s selections.

Elvis Presley’s Great Lost Sides

In honor of The King, we take a listen to a handful of obscure gems from the final decade of his life.

Designate Your Love As Fate: INXS’s Kick at 30

For its 30th Anniversary, writer Ron Hart pontificates on Kick, Australian rock band INXS’s most commercially successful and critically acclaimed album.

R.I.P. Tom Petty

Just a few thoughts on the passing of a legend.

I Realize It Was You That I Forgot: Revisiting Bill Janovitz’s Up Here

The events of September 11, 2001 directly impacted millions of lives in infinitely unique ways. I dealt with it by listening to music, and writing the first review for my very first music website–an album I’d not listened to since…until this week. Some reflections are offered within…

EDITORIAL: Throw a buck in the guitar case, please!

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2016’s Albums Of Note, Part Four

Part four in our examination of the albums that made 2016 notable.

2016’s Albums Of Note, Part One

All week long, we take a look at many of the records that made 2016 notable. (Just don’t call it a best of list!)

Bob Dylan refuses to answer Nobel Prize judges; good on ya, Bob!

Dr. Everett True has something to say about Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize.

The Excitement, Suspense, and Overall Significance of Game Show Music

A consideration of the power of game show music.