EDITORIAL: Throw a buck in the guitar case, please!


I am proud to say that over the course of the last two months, The Recoup has experienced a great increase in traffic. We’ve published some high-profile pieces that have garnered us thousands of readers we didn’t expect to gain, and a daily read rate that is significantly higher than it has been before. This is, of course, a very good thing.

However, this does raise a few issues, and yes, one of them is related to money.With this newfound traffic and visibility, it’s more important than ever that we ask for your help to sustain us. PLEASE consider donating to our Patreon account. Even if you’re just throwing a buck in the tip jar, we’re happy, and we thank you!

With your patronage, we can invest more into the website. We will be able to pay for advertising, cover the costs of interviews–they aren’t cheap, my friends–and we can improve the look and feel of the website itself. With an increase in visibility, we will be able to bring you bigger and better things, such as bigger name interviews, more diverse writing, and even a few new writers to offer different perspectives. Because I am a veteran music journalist, I will never demand or expect anyone who writes for THE RECOUP to write for free. EVER. Every writer who has appeared here has been paid–paid in full, and paid on the day their piece was published. But I can’t afford to do so out of pocket too often, so that’s why I need your help.

So please, visit our Patreon site, and if you feel so inclined, help us out. If you do, you’ll help us build into something bigger, better, and greater than we can currently imagine. We’re already growing, and we need you to help us expand further.



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