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Add Some Music To Your Day #6: Monday Miscellany

Good morning! Today’s edition of Add Some Music To Your Day doesn’t have a specific theme; instead, here are a half-dozen songs I heard over the weekend that I think you will like. Enjoy!

Sufis "5 AM"

Song Of The Day: Sufis, “5 AM”

The Recoup’s Song Of The Day for Friday, December 20th is “5AM” by Sufis, taken from their forthcoming Burger Records release, Double Exposure.

Felt: Me & A Monkey On The Moon (Cherry Red)

Felt came to a quiet end in 1989, completing their”ten albums and ten singles in ten years” plan, and they did so with some of their finest music and best produced material of their career. The album also serves as an interesting predecessor and forerunner to the forthcoming Britpop movement.

Song Of The Day: Felt, “Be Still”

Taken from the Creation Records release, Space Blues.

Felt: Train Above The City (Cherry Red)

Felt’s final album for Creation was a mysterious and puzzling experiment that confounded listeners and didn’t sound anything like Felt.

Song Of The Day: Felt, “Autumn”/”Fire Circle”

Taken from the Creation Records release, The Final Resting Of The Ark.

Felt: The Pictorial Jackson Review (Cherry Red)

After an unsatisfying album experience, it was decided that Felt should quickly turn out a new album, but upon hearing the demos Creation convinced Lawrence to release them virtually as-is resulting in a stark-sounding album that predicted a new style.

Song Of The Day: Felt, “Sandman’s On The Rise Again”

Taken from the Creation Records EP, Rain Of Crystal Spires.

Felt: Poem Of The River (Cherry Red)

Felt’s third album for Creation found them being guinea pigs for the label’s newest concept, which resulted in an album finds them heading into an unexpected new musical direction.

Song Of The Day, Felt, “Candles In A Church”

Taken from the Creation Records EP, Ballad Of The Band.