Song Of The Day: Sufis, “5 AM”

Sufis "5 AM"

When we read the press announcement for the new single from Brooklyn-based duo Sufis, we noticed that it compared their song “5 AM” to Felt. Now, we don’t take such comparisons lightly–and we’re kind of tough on those who dare to make such claims, as we love Felt and Lawrence. (You can check out my amazing Felt retrospective interview with the man himself in issues 82 and 83 of The Big Takeover, both of which are still available!). The track comes from their forthcoming new album, Double Exposure, out January 24th via Burger Records.

Though the comparison might not be totally apt, we definitely see why they made it. Better still, the song in question is fantastic! Instead of a British interpretation of sunny American vibes, with “5 AM” Sufis really capture the feeling of sunrise on a warm sunny beach. We hear a very subtle nod to Carole King‘s classic “It’s Too Late” buried deep in the groove.

Preorder Double Exposure: Burger Records


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