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You Missed It: Birddog Songs From Willipa Bay (2002)

Bill Santen’s final record as Birddog was an understated album of pure dark alt.country beauty.

Twilight Music: Shankar Family & Friends “Jaya Jagadish Haré” (1974)

The sound of India, from one of the masters.

Bridget St. John: Dandelion Albums and BBC Sessions (Cherry Red)

This box set compiles Bridget St. John’s work for John Peel’s Dandelion label, as well as the bulk of her solo output. It’s a fine document of a flame that shone brightly and briefly.

Iron and Wine: Archive Volume No. 1 (Black Cricket Recording Co.)

Iron and Wine’s success was built on his debut album’s stark, haunting sound; this archival release shares sixteen more songs from Sam Beam’s prolific pre-fame era.

Eyeless In Gaza: Original Albums Collection (Cherry Red)

Cherry Red’s latest in their Original Albums Collection compiles the early work of their flagship band, the unique, unclassifiable Eyeless In Gaza.

Ruthann Friedman: Constant Companion (Now Sounds)

The author of one of the 1960s brightest, lushest hits offered up a solo album that was stark and dark and not much like the song that made her famous.

Jackson C. Frank: Blues Run The Game (Earth)

Jackson C. Frank‘s life found him to be a man of constant sorrow. Victim of a horrific explosion, he received a small fortune in compensation, flew to England, and promptly began the process of self-destruction. In the interim, he picked up a few soon-to-be-famous friends along the way, recorded some songs, and released exactly one… Read More ›

Aquariana: Aquariana (Drag City)

Over the past few years, Drag City has served as the go-to archival label for The Source Family cult–a unique and peculiarly influential group that was devoted to health food, endless acid-rock jams, and their spiritual leader, Father Yod. This was no fringe organization; Father Yod owned The Source, a famous Hollywood vegetarian restaurant that… Read More ›