Clive Gregson & Christine Collister: Home & Away: 3CD Deluxe Edition (Cherry Red)

gregson and collister

In an interesting career shift, British new wave rocker Clive Gregson would trade his rock and roll shoes for a stripped down, acoustic folk/roots rock sound. Joining up with folk singer Christine Collister, the duo of Gregson & Collister would release five albums of stripped-down, enjoyable fare. Home & Away, their debut album, was a live album. Though a somewhat odd way to start a project, Home And Away’s quality comes from the potency and richness of the atmosphere provided by being on stage. Conjuring up a sound that’s heavily reminiscent of Everything But The Girl—who would themselves explore the same sort of sound in the early 1990s—Gregson & Collister’s voices blend together nicely, playing off of each other’s strengths and filling in for the other’s weaknesses. The material here is a combination of original numbers—excellent songs “Unlucky In Love” and “As Lovers Do” are not to be missed, while and a handful of covers; the stripped-down acoustic take on rockers like “Matchbox,” “I Heard It Through The Grapevine,” and “Slow Down” might not look good on paper, but that’s the point. The duo’s powerful combination transforms these energetic rockers into something transcendental, yet quite faithful to the source. This edition of Home & Away features two additional discs, containing the duo’s final performances in 1992, and are equally as wonderful as the album that launched their collaboration. All in all, this is a delightful snapshot of a duo who quietly made wonderful music, with no fuss and no pretense.

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