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Tag: Short Takes

Bonnie “Prince” Billy: Pond Scum (Drag City)

Pond Scum compiles three vintage Peel Session recordings by Will Oldham, from his early Palace days to his current Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy moniker. It’s a fine collection of Palace songs, and serves as a great introduction to the enigma that is Will Oldham

7 Year Bitch: Live At Moe (Moe Recordings)

This live recording–the first in a series of live albums recorded at Seattle venue Club Moe–captures a potent-as-hell set from one of the finest and most underrated Seattle bands in 1996, shortly before their split.

Various Artists: Out Of Left Field: Where Soul Meets Country (Ace Records)

This superb Ace Records compilation offers up two dozen fine Country versions of songs that were also released by Soul artists. These crossovers aren’t nearly as shocking as you might assume.

Alan Price: Savaloy Dip (Omnivore Recordings)

This solo record by The Animals’ keyboard player was accidentally released on eight track in 1974, and quickly returned to the vault. This reissue restores this curious rarity, which is a fun blast of humorous country rock.

Johnny Cash: Koncert V Praze (Sony)

This long-obscure European-only release gets its first proper standalone American release. Though it’s a pretty standard Johnny Cash greatest hits setlist, it is an enjoyable document of a master country singer in his prime and in his element.

Orange Cake Mix: At The Record Shop (Why The Tapes Play)

A limited edition collection of gorgeous sonic vignettes and sketches constitutes the physical return of Orange Cake Mix.

Neil Young & Bluenote Cafe: Bluenote Cafe (Reprise)

Bluenote Cafe captures Neil Young’s 1988 tour, where he and his new band Bluenote Cafe proved to be the best damn bar band in the world.

Wes Montgomery Featuring The Eddie Higgins Trio: One Night In Indy (Resonance Records)

This live set, taken from 1959, finds Montgomery performing with pianist Eddie Higgins, and is an enjoyable recording of a master at play.

Steve Ellis: Best Of Days (Angel Air)

This 2008 album by veteran British singer Steve Ellis finds him in fine voice, and shows him to still be a master vocalist.

Karen Young: Hot Shot (Big Break Records)

Karen Young was a Philadelphia singer who scored a massive hit in 1978, yet only released one album in her short career. Expanded and remastered, it’s another fine document from the last days of disco.