Alan Price: Savaloy Dip (Omnivore Recordings)

alan price savaloy dip

Alan Price is a fellow whose name you might not know, but you have probably heard him perform on “The House Of The Rising Sun”  by The Animals. I had no expectations, then, when I put Savaloy Dip into my stereo. The story was curious enough: an album that was “accidentally” released on eight-track tape for about a second, before being thrown back into the vaults. A Great Lost Album?  Well the lost part is accurate, and though saying it’s a classic is a bit of a stretch, it’s now stretch to say Savaloy Dip is a helluva lot of fun. This record is straight up humorous country-rock, very common to the era, and not unlike Jerry Reed, Ray Stevens, or the weekly shenanigans heard on Hee-Haw. The laughs start quick with the funky-rhythm of “Smells Like Lemon, Taste Like Wine,” a hot horn section making a fun song simply scorch. “Poor Jimmy” is an engaging, detailed narrative of a hard-luck fella, while the title track is just funky, boogie-woogie rock that feels good…it feels real good. Though the laughs are hard for the first half of the album, the second half shows that while he can clown around, Price is a superb songwriter; “And So Goodbye” and “Between Today And Yesterday”should have made Elton John nervous—Price is that good. It’s too bad this record wasn’t released properly; it could have provided levity in a year of schlock and seriousness. Good thing it’s coming out now—and that this weird album’s existence didn’t hurt Price’s career, either. Savaloy Dip is curious and entertaining rarity that is impossible to dislike.

Savaloy Dip is out now via Omnivore Recordings

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  1. If I listen and don’t like it, then what? You said it was impossible to dislike, Joseph Kyle!!! #ScaredToCheckItOutNow

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