Johnny Cash: Koncert V Praze (Sony)

johnny cash

In the process of reissuing the entire Johnny Cash back catalogue, it was noted that a true rarity had never seen an American release. Koncert V Praze was a recording of a show he performed on April 11, 1978, and released in small quantities in Europe in 1983, becoming a much sought-after album of a tight, enjoyable, stripped-down Cash performance. Musically speaking, it’s very much a greatest hits set; you’ll find plenty of classics such as “Ring of Fire,” “I Walk The Line,” “Big River,” and “I Still Miss Someone,” with excellent takes of “The City Of New Orleans” and “Sunday Morning Coming Down.” He also offers two long medleys; one focuses on cowboy song, including a great take of “Streets of Laredo,” and the other, a ten-minute medley of railroad songs, including some of his well-loved but not as often performed tracks “The Wreck of the Old 97” and “Hey Porter.” The set ends with a jam on “Wabash Cannonball,” where he brings out his sisters-in-law, the Carter Sisters and (possibly) Mother Maybelle, who would pass away later that year. While not a particularly revelatory set, Koncert V Praze is a fun, jaunty set of a brilliant performer in his prime.

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