7 Year Bitch: Live At Moe (Moe Recordings)

live atmoe

7 Year Bitch? One of the finest Seattle punk bands to emerge from the early 90s Seattle scene, hands down. They were an energetic powerhouse both live and in the studio, releasing a handful of essential singles and three albums before splitting in 1997. Live At Moe is a recording from what would become one of their last shows, recorded at beloved Seattle venue Club Moe. It’s a potent as hell set, naturally; though the setlist contains classic numbers such as “M.I.A.” and “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye,” taken from their 1994 album, ¡Viva Zapata! (a tribute to their friend Mia Zapata of The Gits, who was murdered), most of the songs performed here are from their final album, Gato Negro, which had just been released. Frontwoman Selene Vigil is in fine voice, and this brief forty minute set captures a moment of true greatness from a band that most definitely lived up to the hype. If you were lucky enough to see them live back in the day (and I was, thank goodness), then this is a great little souvenir. If you weren’t, Live At Moe will definitely be of interest to you.

Live At Moe is available now from Moe Recordings 

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