Tag: 1996

Song Of The Day: Jonathan Fire*Eater, “The Search For Cherry Red”

Taken from the Third Man Records release, Tremble Under Boom Lights.

Song Of The Day: Red House Painters, “All Mixed Up”

RIP Ric Ocasek.

Song Of The Day: Neil Young, “Guitar Solo, No. 5”

Taken from the Vapor Records release, Dead Man.

Yum-Yum: Dan Loves Patti (Omnivore Recordings)

Dan Loves Patti’, the sole album from Chicago musician Chris Holmes’ studio project Yum-Yum, is one of the truly lost gems of the 1990s, and this reissue is a wonderful reintroduction to a band you probably never heard the first time.

Song Of The Day: Arcana, “Dark Age Of Reason”

Taken from the Cyclic Law release, Dark Age Of Reason.

Song Of The Day: Galactic Explorers, “Lunarscape”

Taken from the Mental Experience release, Epitaph For Venus.

Screaming Trees: Dust: Expanded Edition (HNE Recordings)

In 1996, Screaming Trees released what would be their final album: a superbly produced album that found them shaking off the “grunge” tag. This expanded edition reminds just how good it was, while expanding it with a second disc of period b-sides and compilation tracks.

Song Of The Day: Rachel’s, “Lloyd’s Register”

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Edward Grimes, percussionist for the neoclassical/post rock band Rachel’s. While he wasn’t a constant member of the band, he did appear on the band’s magnum opus, 1996’s gorgeous The Sea And The Bells, and on the album’s standout track, “Lloyd’s Register.” He was 43. RIP.

Pantera: The Great Southern Trendkill (Rhino)

Pantera’s fourth major-label album, 1996’s The Great Southern Trendkill, was the band’s most aggressive, most intense album; twenty years later, it has lost none of its potency. Yet in retrospect, it feels like it should have been the band’s final statement, the high note that should have been used to bring the increasingly unhappy and dysfunctional band to a close.

7 Year Bitch: Live At Moe (Moe Recordings)

This live recording–the first in a series of live albums recorded at Seattle venue Club Moe–captures a potent-as-hell set from one of the finest and most underrated Seattle bands in 1996, shortly before their split.