Song Of The Day: Jonathan Fire*Eater, “The Search For Cherry Red”

The catchy alternative rock of New York City-based Jonathan Fire*Eater should have set the world on fire in the late 1990s. Although they would be the subject of an intense bidding war and would sign to DreamWorks for their second and final album, they imploded. Yet happy stories doth not cult-like status create, but thanks to a premature demise and the rise of a New York rock scene that was led in part by former band members in The Walkmen,  Jonathan Fire*Eater became unwitting legends of a new scene. Frontman Stewart Lupton–who passed away suddenly last year–took on a certain hipster mystique, his unique voice and perspective of the world proving quite appealing. Their 1996 EP, Tremble Under Boom Lights, was what brought their name to the world, and it is getting a proper reissue via Third Man Records. To coincide with the reissue a chapbook of Lupton’s poetry will be released as well. It’s easy to see him as a visionary, as the dark and ominous “The Search For Cherry Red” highlights the powerful and quite dark storytelling that lulled so many young listeners.


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