Exclusive First Listen: Unhappy Fly, “Angry In The Head”

The unusual racket made by the peculiarly-named post-punk supergroup Unhappy Fly defies easy classification. A little punk, a little post-punk, a little experimental rock…a little jazz? Point is, you can’t classify their self-titled debut album, but what can you expect from a mysterious quartet that has served time in such bands as Public Image Limited, The Raincoats, Wreckless Eric, and The Homosexuals? And then there’s mysterious vocalist Sarah Washington, sounding like a punk rock Alison Shaw, and in the case of “Angry In The Head,” sounding like Blossom Dearie singing a long-lost Noel Gallagher outtake.

But that’s just for this song.

The other ten songs on Unhappy Fly each have their own existence that defies easy categorization–and it is a fun listen for it. You too can join in the fun when it is released this Friday, via Emotional Response.


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