Tag: Exclusive First Listens

Exclusive First Listen: Rocketship, “Outer Otherness”

We’re pleased to share with you a track from the brand new Rocketship album, out tomorrow via Darla Records.

Exclusive First Listen: Fred Schneider & The Superions, “Real Scary Halloween Story”

We’re pleased to bring you an exclusive first listen to a new track from the legendary Fred Schneider, a scary Halloween tale that should serve as a warning to you meddling kids. Enjoy!

Exclusive First Listen: Unhappy Fly, “Angry In The Head”

We’re extremely pleased to bring you a delightfully exotic appetizer from post-punk/no wave supergroup Unhappy Fly’s self-titled debut album, an indescribably wonderful album of curious and intoxicating sounds.

Exclusive First Listen: Hot Club Of Cowtown, “Easy Money

We are pleased to offer you an exclusive first listen to “Easy Money,” a song taken from the forthcoming Hot Club of Cowtown album Wild Kingdom, which will be released September 27th.

Exclusive First Listen: Tino Drima, “The Actress”

We are delighted to present you with the exclusive first taste from Suitin’ Up, the long-awaited new release from San Francisco popsters Tino Drima.

Exclusive First Listen: SassyBlack, “Depression”

We’re excited to bring you a taste from Seattle-based SassyBlack’s fantastic new album, Ancient Mahogany Gold.

Exclusive First Listen: Golden Ghost, “Little Rabbit No. 3”

We are pleased to bring you a stunningly beautiful number from Golden Ghost’s mysterious and beguiling fifth album, The Big Sleep: Future, which is out next Friday.