It’s been quite some time since last we heard from Seattle indie-rockers BOAT, but they’re back, and they’re better than ever. Their first new record in seven years, Tread Lightly, is due for release on May 1st via Magic Marker, and it’s a stunner. BOAT still retain their keen sense of humor as well as their melodic punk-rock crunch, but listen closer. If you scratch below the surface, you’ll find a rather sophisticated and mature album. It’s the sound of growing old gracefully whilst retaining one’s youthful vigor. We’re proud to present you with “Metabolism,” the superb and fun song that kicks off the album.

Here’s what the band had to say about the track:

“Metabolism” is a mantra that starts off the album and kind of sets the tone for everything that comes after on the album.  It is so easy to sing because it is exactly where my mind is these days. “Metabolism” features Evan Mosher from the band Awesome on trumpet.  It’s our version of “Werewolves in London.”

Preorder BOAT Tread Lightly:  Magic Marker

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