Song Of The Day: John Girgus, “A Postcard” (Instrumental)

John Girgus

John Girgus, the mastermind behind Sarah Records band Aberdeen, has always made compelling music. On his latest single, “A Postcard,” he indulges his sweet tooth for atmospheric mope-pop. Dreamy yet melancholic, with its electronic beat and effects-laden vocals, the song builds slowly over the next eight minutes. By the time it’s all over Girgus has taken the listener on an emotional ride. “A Postcard” reminds of the heavier moments of the second wave of Emo from the early aughts.

Yet the song on offer today is one of the two b-sides that comprise this single. While we love the pop tendencies of “A Postcard,” the instrumental version is a whole other beast. Stripped of the sweet vocals, what we have is a song of heavy, epic proportions. See, buried under the vocal track is a very heavy number, one that verges on a post-rock that reminds of Mogwai and Hammock. We never would have guessed that there was a beast  of a song lurking underneath; if anything, the song would have made for a fine instrumental track on its own, and you wouldn’t miss the vocals.

We’re still awaiting the debut full length proper from him and his project, The Legendary House Cats, but in the interim, “A Postcard,” irrespective of vocals, will fill the gap quite nicely.


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