EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: The Special Pillow, “I Woke Up”

The Special Pillow

We are pleased as punch to bring you the new single from Hoboken, New Jersey psych-poppers The Special Pillow. TSP is the latest project from the Hypnolovewheel psych-rock visionary Dan Cuddy, and they continue that band’s fine tradition of intelligent, thoughtful indie rock. You may remember and might have enjoyed their previous offering here, and we think you’ll enjoy this video as well. The Special Pillow’s newest release, World’s Finest, will be arriving later this month.

We’ll let Dan tell you more about this brilliant little number.

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If life is but a dream, who among us hasn’t wished that we could wake up and snap out of it and snap into something better?

“I Woke Up” came to light at the end of a long day of recording demos, and I was almost resentful that I couldn’t stop working at that point. To paraphrase Ringo Starr, I had blisters on my fingers, but I didn’t want such a catchy tune to slip away from me. Fortunately, I got it together quickly, and when the time came to arrange it, the band did, too. Peter Stuart does not play many guitar solos in The Special Pillow, but he came up with a stellar part here. Katie Gentile’s string parts sew a touch of subtle discord, like a fly drowning in a dollop of CBD balm, and Eric Marc Cohen’s drums keep it moving along and bring it all back home in under two minutes. The sweet harmony singing by the whole group is taken up a level or three by the dulcet tones of Debby Schwartz, who lent her considerable and formidable talents to most of the other tracks on our World’s Finest EP as well. For the video, I enlisted Hudson Valley Renaissance man Chris Mahoney, who has helped us out visually in the past and who has graciously gathered up a groovy bouquet of singing flowers this time around.

As I get on in years, it has become apparent to me that the lyrics I write function as therapy, although their efficacy in that respect is debatable. This one is still in the realm of pure fantasy and wish fulfillment, despite the fact that our contemporary status quo has sustained some serious trauma this year. The paradigm is certainly shifty, and with a little luck it may shift in more positive directions soon, but for now the patriarchy appears to be to hanging tough.

As for the Age of Man ending, well, we’ll see: Animals do seem to be encroaching on my super-urbanized hometown of Hoboken, NJ. Here’s hoping they keep it friendly.




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