Song Of The Day: Galactic Explorers, “Lunarscape”

Considerable debate exists as to whether Galactic Explorers was in fact a real band; the reissue of Epitaph For Venus, a supposedly long-lost German Progressive Rock album from 1974, appeared in 1996 via Psi-Fi Records, a label with a handful of other purported long-lost releases that seemingly came out of nowhere. Well, we’re not too interested in the debate, for whether or not it was made in 1974 or 1996, one fact remains and that is this: this is some righteous and potent space rock. That it’s been reissued gives the world a chance to reevaluate this dark, deep, heavy, and beautiful record. The opening track, “Lunarscape” is a transcendental trip into pure space, and it doesn’t matter when it was made, it’s something special, irrespective of its birth date.


Epitaph For Venus is available now via Mental Experience.


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