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Tag: 1996

Pantera: The Great Southern Trendkill (Rhino)

Pantera’s fourth major-label album, 1996’s The Great Southern Trendkill, was the band’s most aggressive, most intense album; twenty years later, it has lost none of its potency. Yet in retrospect, it feels like it should have been the band’s final statement, the high note that should have been used to bring the increasingly unhappy and dysfunctional band to a close.

7 Year Bitch: Live At Moe (Moe Recordings)

This live recording–the first in a series of live albums recorded at Seattle venue Club Moe–captures a potent-as-hell set from one of the finest and most underrated Seattle bands in 1996, shortly before their split.

BR5-49: One Long Saturday Night, Plus (Bear Family)

This live performance of country swing band BR5-49 captures the young band in top form, and is a fun document of an underrated but superb live band.

3AM Eternal: Booth And The Bad Angel, “Hands in the Rain” (1996)

The pairing of alternative rocker Tim Booth with Angelo Badalamenti resulted in a fine one-off album, which closed with this lovely tune.

Twilight Music: Ives Ensemble, “Seven2” (1996)

This Dutch ensemble does justice to one of master composer John Cage’s final masterpieces.

Everything But The Girl: Walking Wounded/Temperamental (Edsel Records)

The final (as of now) two albums by Everything But The Girl find them diving deep into electronica and dance music–and then getting lost in it, as vocalist Tracey Thorn steps out of the spotlight.

Twilight Music: Howie B, “Freedom” (1996)

Just some nice, soothing beats to end the day…

3AM Eternal: Butthole Surfers “Pepper” (1996)

“Sellout?” Oh, no. No, no, no. It’s one of their best, and one of their finest moments, even if it doesn’t sound like anything else they’ve ever done. That’s the joy of this band; expect the unexpected.

60FT Dolls: The Big 3 (3 Loop Music)

This deluxe, expanded reissue of British rockers 60FT Dolls’ debut album is brimming with promise, excitement, and downright wonderful tunes; it is an album that has matured gracefully.

3AM Eternal: Edith Frost “Evangeline” (1996)

A lovely little song from a psych-folk singer who shone briefly and then quietly slipped back into the ether.