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Song Of The Day: Arcana, “Dark Age Of Reason”

In the 1990s, Swedish neoclassical group Arcana suffered somewhat by comparisons to dead can dance and the genre defining sounds of the illustrious 4AD Records. Yet there was truth to those comparisons, which were hardly unfair. Arcana’s music was dense, heavy, melancholic, somewhat morose, and always otherworldly. Led by visionary composer Peter Bjärgö, the group released–and continues to release–some of the most beautiful record you’ll ever hear. Their new label, Cyclic Law, is currently returning their older material to print, but you’ll find no better song than the title track from their 1996 debut album, Dark Age Of Reason. Gentle and otherworldly, it is the balm for a hot summer day, its chill evoking mystical lands of lore.

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