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There’ll Be No Sad Tomorrow: A Conversation With The Muffs’ Kim Shattuck

We remember the late, great Kim Shattuck by revisiting our delightful and hilarious conversation with her regarding The Muffs’ second album, the superb Blonder & Blonder.

Song Of The Day: Nymphs, “Imitating Angels”

Taken from the forthcoming Rock Candy Records release, Nymphs.

There’ll Be No Sad Tomorrow: A Conversation With The Muffs’ Kim Shattuck

We sit down with the delightful Kim Shattuck to discuss the making of The Muffs’ seminal sophomore album, Blonder & Blonder.

Steven Jesse Bernstein: You Are Asking Me Now If This Is The Whole World And I Am Saying It Is

We sit down with filmmaker Peter Sillen to discuss I Am Secretly An Important Man, his captivating and important documentary on controversial artist Steven Jesse Bernstein.

7 Year Bitch: Live At Moe (Moe Recordings)

This live recording–the first in a series of live albums recorded at Seattle venue Club Moe–captures a potent-as-hell set from one of the finest and most underrated Seattle bands in 1996, shortly before their split.

Journey To The Centre Of The Cramps (Omnibus Press)

DIck Porter’s biography of legendary weirdos The Cramps tells the band’s story, while retaining the mystery that surrounded its creative force.

3AM Eternal: The Dicks Hate The Police (1980)

This three-song EP by Austin hardcore band The Dicks was one of punk’s finest debut releases, and the state’s first major contribution to hardcore.

3AM Eternal: Fishbone Live In Tokyo, 1992

Still trying to fight the cold? How’s about ninety minutes of red hot vintage Fishbone? You’re welcome

Girl Trouble: Still Hittin’ It, Not Quittin’ It!

Followers of the Seattle-area punk rock explosion of the late 1980s and early 1990s know and trust the name Girl Trouble. For the past thirty years, this foursome has held on to the same lineup, and their sound hasn’t changed; gritty blasts of punk rock and garage rock that places itself nicely in the history of that area’s… Read More ›

Chrome: Half Machine From The Sun: The Lost Tracks from ’79-’80 (King of Spades)

The original incarnation of the experimental electronic noise-punks Chrome consisted of Damon Edge and Helios Creed and lasted from 1976 to 1983. Theirs was a sound that defied categorization; the best one could do is make note that it was mechanical, electronic, and often indescribable. Though the original duo would split in the early 1980s,… Read More ›