3AM Eternal: The Dicks Hate The Police (1980)

Austin’s The Dicks were one of the state’s finest hardcore bands. Their debut single one of first–if not the first–Texas hardcore releases to make waves nationally. It’s easy to understand why; “The Dicks Hate The Police” is a melodic groove, a garage rocker with lead singer Gary Floyd crooning impassionately–and if you listen closely, you can hear the sound of modern punk being born here. It’s no surprise to hear bands like Bad Religion and Mudhoney covering it, as both bands’ sound can be traced back here.

The two songs on the b-side are also worth noting. While “Hate The Police” is a political number, “Lifetime Problems” and “All Night Fever” are uptempo, quick numbers that find Floyd ranting and raving about personal issues, the sound of youthful angst and frustrations coming through in his maniacal laughter. The same might be said about “All Night Fever”–if one can make out what Floyd’s singing!

The five minutes here constitute one of the finest punk statements to come from the Lone Star State. Later records were equally excellent–most notably their essential debut album, 1983’s Kill From The Heart. They would split up in 1986, but would return two decades later, and

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