3AM Eternal: Townes Van Zandt “If I Needed You” (1972)

Let’s just get the Townes Van Zandt selection out of the way, shall we? There’s so much that could be said about Townes, but let’s just leave it at this: he was one of the finest singer-songwriters of our time. Sure, he never really had any “hits,” and his personal demons often buoyed a very fine writer’s career, but he did it all for the sake of the song, and his works have lived on well after his untimely passing. This track, from 1972’s classic The Late, Great Townes Van Zandt, is perhaps one of his most endearing, most beautiful compositions. It’s a very simple love song, coupled with a very gentle, lush accompaniment. It’s a fine song to build a legacy on, and if one had to condense his power into one track, it would be this one.

…at least that’s how I feel about it today. The man’s got dozens more that could fit that description, so that’s why I’m getting him out of the way now, so’s that I won’t drive myself crazy having to pick out a song to represent his wonderful legacy.

PS. I really wouldn’t be surprised to find Townes’ music to pop up more than once this month!

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