3AM Eternal: Southwest F.O.B. “Smell of Incense” (1968)

Dallas-based Southwest F.O.B. specialized in trippy, organ-heavy psychedelic pop, and were a rather popular act in Texas during the 1960s, and their sole album would have faded into the mist were it not for the post-Southwest exploits of the band’s two leaders, Dan Seals and John Ford Coley. While they would go on to being soft-rock superstars as England Dan and John Ford Coley, this humble debut record was a fine–if not fleeting–moment of psych-rock goodness. With a gentle melody and an eerie organ line, “Smell of Incense” is instantly trippy, and is made more so with the utterly gorgeous harmonies that quickly come into play. Their¬†sole full-length would take this song as its title, and would contain a number of equally lovely psych-pop nuggets.

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