Song Of The Day: Nymphs, “Imitating Angels”


Los Angeles-based punk rockers Nymphs’ sole album release has been considered by some–including yours truly–of being a lost jewel of the pre-Nevermind alternative rock scene. Fronted by the enigmatic, energetic, and charismatic Inger Lorre, Nymphs is an album full of great rockers–though “Imitating Angels” is a bit mellower and dreamier than the rest of the album, it was the band’s final single; the group imploded shortly after the album’s release, and the record slipped into obscurity. But a new reissue thanks to Rock Candy Records gives the world the opportunity to reevaluate this great album.

Nymphs will be released 18 November 2016 via Rock Candy Records

Preorder:  Amazon / Rock Candy Records

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