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Go West: Live Robin 2-2003 (Angel Air)

British duo Go West had a slew of hits in the 1980s, and this excellent reunion show from 2003 finds the band at their best.

Jimmy Somerville: Live And Acoustic At Stella Polaris (SFE/Cherry Red)

It might seem unusual for a man who specializes in dance music to perform acoustically, but the setting provides the opportunity to highlight Jimmy Somerville’s greatest asset: his amazingly natural falsetto. This album captures that moment, in a brief but highly enjoyable performance.

Clive Gregson & Christine Collister: Home & Away: 3CD Deluxe Edition (Cherry Red)

The debut by folk duo Gregston & Collister was a low-key but auspicious live album. Thirty years later, it’s reissued and expanded, adding the duo’s final performances. It’s a great bookend to an underrated career.

Man: All’s Well That Ends Well (Esoteric)

One of the more interesting trends of the 1970s was the development of the “farewell residency,” when bands would end their run with a series of shows, which would result in the the release of a final concert album. Thus was the case for Welsh-based Man, a band that had specialized in an enjoyable blend… Read More ›