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Les Panties: Cold Science (Les Disques Du Crépuscule)

Yours truly got fooled by a singles compilation from a contemporary Belgian post-punk band; so thorough is their appreciation of the sounds of the 1980s that they could pass as authentic.

3AM Eternal: Coil, “Amber Rain” (2005)

One of the final masterpieces from the uniquely original Coil, released shortly after founding member John Balance’s sudden death.

3AM Eternal: Nick Cave Featuring The Bad Seeds, “Saint Huck” (1984)

Nick Cave’s post-Birthday Party debut album proved that he was still very in touch with the darker side of life. We don’t recommend listening to this song in the dark.

Rose McDowall: Cut With The Cake Knife (Sacred Bones)

This collection of songs-ostensibly recorded for the second, never-to-be-released Strawberry Switchblade album–are lovely pop numbers with a darker, more sinister side.

3AM Eternal: Alien Sex Fiend “April Showers” (1986)

Unclassifiable yet impeccably performed post-punk/goth/noise freakout. Enjoy!

3AM Eternal: And Also The Trees “A Room Lives In Lucy” (1985)

    I happened upon And Also The Trees‘ 1985 single “A Room Lives In Lucy” in the early 1990s whilst doing some crate digging. I had never heard of the band, and the cover reminded me of Felt, so I gave it a go. When I put it on the ol’ record player, the guitar… Read More ›

3AM Eternal: Specimen “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (1983)

  Bristol-based goth-rockers fooled me! Back in the 1980s, I bought their debut mini-album, Batastrophe, because I thought they looked like some really wicked-cool girls. Whoops! Instead, this group’s mixture of darkness and light and groove and sensuality (as well as a reference to James Bond) really appealed to me. Was it Goth? Was it… Read More ›