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"Mr. Child"

Song Of The Day: Guided By Voices, “Mr. Child”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Monday, October 19th is “Mr. Child” by Guided By Voices, taken from the Rockathon release Styles We Paid For.

Zeppelin Over Dayton

Zeppelin Over Dayton: Guided By Voices Album By Album (Jawbone Press)

In Zeppelin Over Dayton, writer Jeff Gomez takes on the daunting task of examining each and every proper studio album by the long-running Guided By Voices, and turns in a surprisingly loving and worthy document.

Guided By Voices Heavy Like The World

Song Of The Day: Guided By Voices, “Heavy Like The World”

Taken from the Guided By Voices Inc. release, Sweating The Plague.

Guided By Voices: Live From Austin TX (New West)

Guided By Voices’ appearance on Austin City Limits was supposed to be the band’s big, nationally-broadcast fare-thee-well, shortly before they completed their final tour. Regardless, it’s a fine performance of a band at the top of its game, and there’s not a nostalgic moment to be had; it’s a vital, exciting performance from a band that still has a lot to give.

3AM Eternal: Guided By Voices, “Everybody Thinks I’m A Raincloud (When I’m Not Looking)” (2004)

The opening track to Guided By Voices’ “final” album prior to their 2004 split, a song from the negative Nancy’s side of things.

3 AM Eternal: Tobin Sprout “Let Go of My Beautiful Balloon” (2001)

” Understated” is perhaps the best adjective to use when describing Guided By Voices guitarist Tobin Sprout. Though his offerings in the GBV catalog are few and far between, those offerings have been recognized as some of the band’s better moments. His solo releases pale in comparison with Bob Pollard, which, again, is okay, because… Read More ›

555: Guided By Voices: “The Official Ironmen’s Rally Song”

Guest Author: Guided by Voices’ James Greer: The fifth song on the album Under The Bushes, Under The Stars was originally intended for a concept album called The Power of Suck. That album was scrapped at some point for unimportant reasons (many Guided By Voices albums have been proposed and scrapped throughout the course of… Read More ›