Song Of The Day: Guided By Voices, “Heavy Like The World”

Guided By Voices Heavy Like The World

We have a confession to make: we can’t keep up with Guided By Voices! In the seven years since their return, they’ve released thirteen studio albums–not to mention side dalliances, one-offs, solo projects, and live recordings. Considering they’d released sixteen records prior to their breakup, it’s as if they’re making up for lost time. Heck, their latest release is their third album this year–and they’ve already announced their next album, coming up in a month or two!

In spite of the difficulty we have with keeping pace with Bob Pollard, we’ve also discovered that every time we do check out what he’s doing, they rarely disappoint. At twelve songs, Sweating The Plague offers up their most concise album of the year and some of their best songs, too. “Heavy Like The World,” a melancholic rocker that reminds us of Unrest, is our clear favorite of the dozen. (For all you lo-fi freaks, don’t worry; we’re sure that whatever follows will be wholly different from this.)

Purchase Guided By Voices Sweating The Plague:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Guided By Voices Inc.

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