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Twilight Music: The Album Leaf, “For Jonathan” (2003)

Just a lovely, unhurried walk through the woods on a cool autumn afternoon, nothing more, nothing less…

Twilight Music: The Album Leaf, “Micro Melodies” (2005)

In tonight’s installment in this week’s ongoing appreciation of The Album Leaf, we present a song found on a hard-to-find tour-only EP.

Twilight Music: The Album Leaf, “Malmo” (2003)

We continue our listening journey into the darker corners of The Album Leaf’s back catalogue, this time with one of the band’s most endearing numbers, taken from a 2003 Spanish-only EP.

Twilight Music: The Album Leaf, “Lamplight” (2003)

A reader’s request to hear some Album Leaf is generously filled; this week, we’ll highlight some more obscure numbers, starting with this track off of a split record from 2003.

Lenny Breau: The Velvet Touch of Lenny Breau–Live! (Wounded Bird Records)

This live record, released in 1969, serves as one of the lasting documents of the greatness that was the talented but now-obscure Canadian guitarist Lenny Breau.

Twilight Music: Ikey Owens, “Journey in Satchidananda” (2011)

A beautiful instrumental piece from a great talent, lost a year ago today.

Twilight Music: Budd/Fraser/Guthrie/Raymonde The Moon and The Melodies (1986)

A gorgeous one-off between The Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd, this obscure little nugget is one of the best records in both parties’ vast, impressive discographies.

Twilight Music: The Durutti Column, Live in Lisbon, May 1988

A delightful full-length Durutti Column performance from 1988. Eighty minutes of pure, delightful Vini Reilly is to be had.

Twilight Music: John Fahey Fare Forward Voyagers (Soldier’s Choice) (1973)

One of guitarist John Fahey’s finest offerings, presented in its entirety. Enjoy!

3AM Eternal: Herb Alpert “Rise” (1979)

At the end of the 1970s, Herb Alpert had a surprise hit with his seven-minute grooved-out instrumental, “Rise.” With a disco groove, a bit of funk influence, and his distinctive trumpet, the song’s unique style and sound sent it to the top of the charts, and would become ubiquitous on Saturday night radio playlists. It… Read More ›