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Song Of The Day: Sugar Pie DeSanto, “I Want To Know”

Taken from the forthcoming Jasmine Records release, Sugar Pie: A Little Bit Of Soul 1957-1962.

Gene Chandler: Duke Of Earl: The Gene Chandler Story 1961-1962

Gene Chandler’s debut single “Duke Of Earl” was a massive hit, and unfortunately and unfairly burdened him with the “one-hit wonder” tag. This collection compiles all of the recordings from his first year of recording, and shows there was much more to the man than the hit that defined him.

Willie Nelson: Mr. Record Man (Jasmine Records)

Legendary country singer/songwriter Willie Nelson may be considered a founding father of country, his beginnings weren’t always so promising. Mr. Record Man collects his earliest work, and wonderfully documents his quick rise from the mediocre to the masterful.