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Twilight Music: The Beatles, “Flying” (1967)

The underrated Beatles track “Flying,” in its original, unedited form, raises the quality level on this neglected track.

3 AM Eternal: The Beatles “Rain” (1966)

What was regulated to b-side status was, in fact, a foreshadowing of sounds to come

A Hard Day’s Night (Criterion)

What was created at the time as a quick cash-in to the latest pop superstars is feted with a lavish and essential 50th anniversary box set.

Lost Singles: Yoko Ono “No, No, No” c/w “Will You Touch Me” (1981)

It’s not really necessary to relate to you the significance of today; I trust my readers to know full well what happened today in rock history. In 1981, widow Yoko Ono came out of grieving in the way she knew best: her art. Yoko has always been a polarizing figure, and just because she’d just… Read More ›