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Matt Bianco: Indigo (Deluxe Edition) (Cherry Pop)

For their third album, British jazz pop group Matt Bianco took their sound in a decidedly Latin direction, in hopes of breaking big in America. This deluxe reissue is expanding with a whopping 37 bonus tracks, over three CDs, and shows just how hard they tried.

Matt Bianco: Matt Bianco (Cherry Pop)

In 1985, Matt Bianco frontman Mark Reilly faced a crisis when his creative partners left the band shortly after the release of their debut album. He soldiered on, found a new creative partner, and quickly picked up where he left off, delivering a delightful sophomore album that didn’t lose any momentum from the band’s promising debut.

Basia: The Sweetest Illusion (Cherry Pop)

Polish jazz-pop vocalist Basia’s third album was a rewarding maturation of the sounds that had brought her international success four years previous, and this expanded edition highlights just how fantastic this album was, even as it served to be her final major solo release.

Matt Bianco: Whose Side Are You On: Deluxe Edition (Cherry Pop)

Matt Bianco’s 1984 debut album was a definitive release for the sophisti-pop genre; this reissue compiles the band’s album and contemporary singles and remixes, and only enhances the album’s rightful legacy.

Basia London Warsaw New York (Deluxe Edition) (Cherry Pop/Cherry Red)

Jazz vocalist Basia’s second album was a platinum-selling record that has lost none of its appeal twenty-five years later, and this deluxe reissue only makes it more special.