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Bill Evans: The Quiet Passion of Bill Evans (él Records)

Bill Evans was easily one of the best jazz pianists of the 20th century, establishing himself with an impressive array of albums of his own. Yet he also was an in-demand musician, and this three-disc, four-hour set highlights just a smattering of his collaborations from his very fertile early years, while sprinkling in some choice selections from his own releases.

Miles Davis: The Cinema of Miles Davis (él Records)

The music of Miles Davis has always had a cinematic flavor to it; this collection from él Records highlights songs from the classic 1950s era Davis that have appeared in films decades after their release–and after Davis’s demise. Also included is Davis’s most renowned soundtrack score, rounding out a satisfying compilation of some of the jazz master’s finest work.

Matata: Wanna Do My Thing: The Complete President Recordings (RPM Records)

Kenyan-based Matata was once hailed as “the best band from Africa,” and this two-disc collection highlights an excellent band that did indeed have great promise–and it also serves to show the dangers of compromising one’s art for commercial success.

Twilight Music: Miles Davis, In A Silent Way (1969)

No words, simply one of Miles Davis’ finest albums, presented in its entirety, for your listening enjoyment.