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Thelma Houston, “Piano Man”

Beforeshe became a disco and R&B star in the late 1970s, Thelma Houston released a handful of underrated records for the short-lived Motown subsidiary MoWest. This is one of her fantastic but obscure singles from that era.

Reelz Presents: Breaking The Band: The Supremes/Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Florence Ballard

Two excellent episodes airing tonight on Reelz take a hard hitting look at the history of The Supremes, as well as a detailed examination of the life and death of the group’s founder, Florence Ballard.

Song Of The Day: Willie Hutch, “I Can Sho’ Give You Love”

Taken from the SoulMusic Records release, Havin’ A House Party/Making A Game Out Of Love.

Diana Ross: Diana Ross Sings Songs From The Wiz (Motown)

Canceled and shelved in 1979 due to the failure of Sidney Lumet’s cinematic adaptation of Broadway musical The Wiz, this unreleased album from 1979 finally finds release. It’s not essential, but it’s still enjoyable.

Edwin Starr: Involved (Big Break Records)

Involved was Edwin Starr’s fifth album, a collection of socially aware songs that easily stands next to Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On as an innovative concept album with a message.