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Various Artists: Take What You Need: UK Covers Of Bob Dylan Songs 1964-69 (Ace Records)

While the rest of the world was going crazy over the Beatles and the British Invasion, Bob Dylan was covertly conquering the hearts and minds of British musicians. Ace Records’ latest compilation serves as an excellent document of the love affair British artists had for the mysterious and cantankerous rocker.

52 Books/52 Weeks: Nico: In The Shadow Of The Moon Goddess

  Nico: In The Shadow Of The Moon Goddess Lutz Graf-Ulbrich Self-Released German singer Nico’s life story is one peppered with addiction, tragedy, darkness, and intensity. Her music is dark and beautiful; it is austere and immensely joyless. Keyboard player James Young, who performed with her in the final phases of her life, wasn’t a… Read More ›

John Cale: Fragments Of A Rainy Season (Domino)

John Cale’s 1992 live album, Fragments Of A Rainy Season, was an experiment in performing his material in true solo fashion–him onstage, alone with just his guitar or piano. It was a calculated risk, and one that resulted in one of his finest albums to date.

Nico: BBC Session 1971 (Gearbox)

These four songs capture the enigmatic Nico live, and still stand the test of time, while being a short and sweet greatest hits of an artist who still defies classification.

3AM Eternal: Nico, “All Tomorrow’s Parties” (1982)

Watch Nico stare straight into the abyss, and try not to feel too peculiar about it…