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The Ghost Of Christmas: Alien Sex Fiend, “Ghost In The Machine”

This special series is dedicated to the forgotten tradition of ghost stories during the Christmas season. We think it’s an absolutely fantastic idea, and so we decided to make a playlist of sorts to give your evenings the touch of darkness the holiday requires. First up is a new track from an old master.

Alien Sex Fiend: Fiendology: A 35 Year Trip Through Fiendish History (Cherry Red)

While Alien Sex Fiend may be a stalwart of the Goth Rock genre, they’ve always been sonically adventurous, and this new three-disc compilation wonderfully highlights that diversity.

3AM Eternal: Alien Sex Fiend “April Showers” (1986)

Unclassifiable yet impeccably performed post-punk/goth/noise freakout. Enjoy!