The Ghost Of Christmas: Alien Sex Fiend, “Ghost In The Machine”

Although I am not a big Goth fan, I do have my favorites, and one of those is the unclassifiable Alien Sex Fiend. Led by the couple Nik and Mrs. Fiend, they have been making music that defies genre and convention for nearly 40 years, and they have yet to stop. Their latest album, Possessed, offers exactly what you’ve come to expect: music about the things that go bump in the night, the eyes that are watching you as you turn off the light, and the joyousness of the dwelling amongst the things out of sight. What better way to kick off a mix tape dedicated to the long-forgotten tradition of ghost stories during the Christmas season? Let Old St. Nik tell you all about something you probably don’t want to hear about… and if you loved the fear you hear right here, make sure to check out possessed, out now on Cherry Red.

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