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Tag: Post-Punk

3AM Eternal: Nico, “All Tomorrow’s Parties” (1982)

Watch Nico stare straight into the abyss, and try not to feel too peculiar about it…

The Durutti Column: Another Setting (Factory Benelux)

The third official studio album by The Durutti Column found Vini Reilly refining his unique hybrid sound, resulting in a very sublime listening experience.

Twilight Music: The Durutti Column, Live in Lisbon, May 1988

A delightful full-length Durutti Column performance from 1988. Eighty minutes of pure, delightful Vini Reilly is to be had.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry: See The Fire: Albums, Singles, and BBC Sessions 1982-1987 (Cherry Red)

Excellent three-disc collection compiles the first releases of an underrated British post-punk band.

The Children: Ghost Lights (Division 68)

Legendary 4AD band Dif Juz’s bass player’s next project was a short-lived band, and their sole recordings are now seeing the light of day.

Eyeless In Gaza: Original Albums Collection (Cherry Red)

Cherry Red’s latest in their Original Albums Collection compiles the early work of their flagship band, the unique, unclassifiable Eyeless In Gaza.