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Hank Williams: The Garden Spot (Omnivore)

Finding new recordings from Hank Williams is a pretty daunting task, and with each passing year, the chances of finding anything new grows dim, yet his legend lives on. Dead at a young age, his career was brief, yet his songs helped build the foundation of country music. The discovery of recordings made for the… Read More ›

555: The Search for Surf (Righteous)

  Righteous Records’ latest compilation features over two dozen prime slabs of greasy, waxed-down vinyl, ranging from the well-known classics to some you’ve never heard before, and probably won’t hear anywhere else. Here are five of the best cuts from the collection: The Gamblers: “LSD-25” (Released 1960): Fun fact: not only is this song the… Read More ›

Elvis Presley: Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis (Legacy)

  It’s easy to dismiss the final years of Elvis Presley, and the criticisms that he’d delved back into substandard material and perfunctory live shows are valid ones. He was plagued with drug issues and health issues that would soon destroy his life. Surprisingly, though, he was an extremely prolific touring act, and while his… Read More ›

Jackson C. Frank: Blues Run The Game (Earth)

Jackson C. Frank‘s life found him to be a man of constant sorrow. Victim of a horrific explosion, he received a small fortune in compensation, flew to England, and promptly began the process of self-destruction. In the interim, he picked up a few soon-to-be-famous friends along the way, recorded some songs, and released exactly one… Read More ›

Richard Buckner: Bloomed (Merge Records)

A long time ago, in my first year at Texas Tech University, I had a conversation with a man at a bar. He said he was working on a new record. He described the process as a tedious yet fun endeavor, but he wasn’t from Lubbock and he was ready to go back home. He… Read More ›

WOO: When The Past Arrives (Drag City/Yoga)

WOO is the moniker of brothers Mark and Clive Ives, who have quietly and privately recorded together for the last four decades, making soft, gentle music that is mostly instrumental in nature and often quite beautiful. When The Past Arrives may be a new record, but it’s actually a collection of songs recorded over the past… Read More ›

Superchunk: Indoor Living (Merge)

  Superchunk‘s sixth album, Indoor Living, found the Chapel Hill band at a crossroads. The band’s previous albums, 1994’s Foolish, and 1995’s Here’s Where The Strings Come In, were critically well-received and, in terms of independent record sales in the mid-1990s, both were commercially successful. As often happens in the case of bands with a… Read More ›

John Barry/Donna Summer: The Deep Original Soundtrack Recording (Big Break Records)

The Deep was a 1977 Jacqueline Bisset/Nick Nolte thriller, written by Jaws author Peter Benchley. Like Jaws, the film’s backdrop is the depths of the ocean. The promotional poster for the film featured a poster design that was very similar to the iconic Jaws artwork. It’s a great film; I highly recommend it. The soundtrack,… Read More ›

Jim Capaldi: The Contender (Esoteric)

Jim Capaldi was the drummer and founder of progressive/psychedelic band Traffic. When the band split in the early 1970s, he launched his solo career. In 1977, he released his fourth album, The Contender, and his first for Polydor.  It’s a quite varied listen, and it’s rather obvious attempt at a contemporary commercial record, though his guitarist Pete… Read More ›

Hazell Dean: The Sound of Bacharach & David (2014)

We here at The Recoup will always make time for anything that says “Burt Bacharach & Hal David” on it–even crappy remixes. Bacharach is that special, and considering his vast catalog of hit songs, even his lesser material–and lesser interpretations–will always retain a certain sense of quality. The Sound of Bacharach & David is a… Read More ›