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Bar-Kays: Bar-Kays: The Definitive Collection

This three-disc set serves as the first comprehensive examination of the influential funk band The Bar-Kays’ twenty year run, offering up some of the finest funk ever made.

The Whispers: One For The Money/Open Up Your Love/Headlights (Robinsongs)

Whispers were one of the finest 1970s R&B bands, and these three albums from the latter part of the decade find their star on the rise, thanks to the superb harmonies and lush arrangements they had to offer.

Song Of The Day: Shalamar, “The Second Time Around”

Taken from the Robinsongs release, Shalamar: Uptown Festival/Disco Gardens/Big Fun.

Lakeside: Shot Of Love/Rough Riders/Fantastic Voyage (Robinsongs)

Dayton, Ohio–based funk band Lakeside’s early successes are documented here on this enjoyable two CD set, the first in a series reissuing their storied discography.

Deodato: Night Cruiser/Happy Hour (Robinsongs)

Brazilian jazz pianist Eumir Deodato’s career was in full force by 1980; a respected jazz musician and producer responsible for the international success of Kool & The Gang. The pair of albums featured on this twofer would prove to be some of his last regularly-released solo albums before a lengthly retirement, but they’re high quality records that definitely show Deodato’s superb arrangement and compositional skills.

Lalo Schifrin: Black Widow/Towering Toccata (Robinsongs)

This twofer collects prolific soundtrack composer Lalo Schifrin’s two solo albums from 1976 and 1977. Heavily indebted to disco, the two offer some interesting variations and arrangements.

The Jimmy Castor Bunch: It’s Just Begun/Phase Two (Robinsongs Records)

You just gotta love a guy who buys back his album and then walks across the street to a competing record label, and when it is released, the once-rejected record is a massive success. That’s the case of Jimmy Castor, who signed to Columbia, and when he turned in his debut album, It’s Just Begun,… Read More ›