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Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels

Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels: Sockin’ It To You: The Complete Dynovoice/New Voice Recordings (RPM)

Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels burned brightly, offering up one of the most definitve soul/rock songs of the Sixties. Yet they only existed for a very brief moment, and RPM Records’ new three-disc set collects the entirety of their output in one fine, superb collection.

Roger James: Riding Free: Expanded Edition (RPM)

The sole album release by British musician Roger James is an absolutely delightful collection of the dreamy country–tinged soft rock that should have been the launch of a fruitful solo career. This compilation collects all of his material and provides a frustrating look into what happens when a talented artist doesn’t get the fair shake he deserved.

Wynder K. Frog: Shook, Shimmy And Shake : The Complete Recordings 1966-1970 (RPM)

Though burdened with a most unfortunate band name, Wynder K. Frog released some seriously funky music in its brief existence. This box set serves as an excellent tribute to the visionary musical mind of Mick Weaver.

Birds Of A Feather: The Page One Recordings (RPM Records)

Sisters Irene and Doreen Chanter’s sole album as Birds Of A Feather found them in the company of a soon-to-be-famous songwriter and management that had hopes for repeating that success. Their sole album might not have reached those lofty heights, but it is a superb album on its own.

Eden Kane: Well I Ask You: The Complete 60s Recordings (RPM Records)

British pop singer Eden Kane had a very brief run as a chart-topping artist in the pre-British Invasion era, and though soon overshadowed by rock and roll groups, he produced an impressive collection of fantastic pop singles, all handily compiled in this two-disc collection.

Matata: Wanna Do My Thing: The Complete President Recordings (RPM Records)

Kenyan-based Matata was once hailed as “the best band from Africa,” and this two-disc collection highlights an excellent band that did indeed have great promise–and it also serves to show the dangers of compromising one’s art for commercial success.

The Valentines: The Sound Of The Valentines: Complete Recordings 1966-1970 (RPM/Cherry Red)

This little Australian pop band didn’t last very long, but released a half dozen fine singles, and would be the formative years of a man whose later (equally brief) musical career seems light years from these humble (and excellent) beginnings.

The Love Affair/Steve Ellis: Time Hasn’t Changed Us: The Complete CBS Recordings 1967-1971 (RPM Records)

Their international smash single “Everlasting Love” may have unfairly pigeonholed The Love Affair, but this exhaustive collection shows they had much more to offer.

Bo Street Runners: Never Say Goodbye: The Complete Recordings 1964-1966 (RPM/Cherry Red)

The short-lived British R&B band Bo Street Runners’ complete recorded output is compiled, and is an enjoyable slice of mid-60s British R&B

The Truth: Who’s Wrong: Mod Bedlam 1965-1969 (RPM/Cherry Red)

This excellent compilation brings together one of the great lost Mod/British pop bands of the 1960s.