Tag: Texas Rock

The Toadies: Rubberneck (Kirkland Records)

  Dallas-based alt-rockers The Toadies made a major impact with their debut full length, Rubberneck, released in 1994 and propelled to commercial and critical success thanks in part to a three-pronged attack: a great video for the song “Possum Kingdom,” plenty of radio play for it and single “Tyler,” and incessant touring. They toured for… Read More ›

Josefus: Dead Man (Numero Group)

  Josefus is one of the greatest heavy metal bands you’ve never heard. Their sound is a blend of blues-rock and heavy metal. One might be tempted to label them as followers of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, but to do so might prove slightly incorrect, as the Houston-based band formed at roughly the same time,… Read More ›