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3AM Eternal: The Toadies “Possum Kingdom” (1994)

A twenty-year old song that has lost absolutely NONE of its power, from a band that’s still as red-hot as they were when they started.

The Toadies: Rubberneck (Kirkland Records)

  Dallas-based alt-rockers The Toadies made a major impact with their debut full length, Rubberneck, released in 1994 and propelled to commercial and critical success thanks in part to a three-pronged attack: a great video for the song “Possum Kingdom,” plenty of radio play for it and single “Tyler,” and incessant touring. They toured for… Read More ›

3AM Eternal: The Toadies “Tyler” (1994)

Reality check: Rubberneck, the debut album by Dallas rockers The Toadies, is twenty years old.  While the album contained their biggest hit, the scorching “Possum Kingdom,” it was later single “Tyler,” that really won this writer over–that, and their always incendiary live sets, where their mixture of hard rock, blues, and punk rock takes on a… Read More ›