The Tunes: Love Uncool (Cheap Rewards)

the tunes

This is an amazing discovery of an extremely obscure Kansas-based power-pop band. Hailing from Topeka, this trio released exactly one four-song EP, before heading right back into obscurity. Yeah, yeah, there are tons of lost bands from this era but what makes this group so notable is just how damn close it comes to being a very early pop-punk band. Put it this way: one could easily say that this band is a mid-1990s Lookout! Records-inspired band, and one would not be the wiser. If you’re a fan of Mr. T Experience, The Hi-Fives, and Pansy Division, then you’re just going to love these songs. The Tunes’ four songs are straight-up guitar rock accentuated with caffeinated-fueled vocals, with songs about…girls, girls, and girls. The song “Elevator” sets the pace, and it never lets up, though “Too Proud” is a definite highlight. For this collection, the original EP is expanded with six unreleased songs that served as a demo tape for the band to get gigs. The fidelity is lower quality, but the charm is most definitely there, especially on “I Don’t Wanna See” and “Fits Like A Glove.” The Tunes had a great sound, as Love Uncool wonderfully documents. Better to discover them 30 years after the fact than to never hear them at all!

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