3AM Eternal: LL Cool J “Around The Way Girl” (1990)

ll cool j

In 1990, LL Cool J released one of his sweetest, most endearing number. Taken from the “comeback” album Mama Said Knock You Out, the song is a breezy number about trying to find a street-wise girl, paying tribute to independent, savvy, intelligent black women.

By this time, rap and hip-hop garnered controversy, being a lightning rod for criticism about drug use, violence, gang activity, and misogyny, but LL Cool J would (mostly) avoid that trap, and this song proved to be a nice little reprieve, showing that the genre didn’t have to be that way.  In retrospect, it all seems a bit quaint and somewhat naive, but its universal nature ensures it a place on radio stations, podcasts, and finer mixtapes.

But then again, Kim Gordon might disagree….


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