Lewis: L’amour (Light In The Attic)


Light In The Attic’s continuing policy of reissuing some of the most obscure records ever made has recently brought to light a true enigma of a record. Not much is known about who the artist known only as Lewis might be, and the details surrounding the making of his sole album L’amour (you see what he did there) are shrouded in mystery. All that’s known, really, is that it was recorded in 1983, and is credited to a label entitled R.A.W. that only released that record.

But no matter, because L’amour is a very beautiful record. Lewis’s composition style is very simple: acoustic guitar, synths, and wispy vocals that are often incomprehensible, and combined, this formula creates some truly otherworldly sounds. From the jazzy “Summer’s Moon” and “Let’s Fall In Love Tonight” to the gorgeous acoustic guitar New Age of “Even Rainbows Turn Blue,” L’amour quickly puts the listener into a trance and doesn’t let go.

We may never know the truth behind Lewis, but that’s okay, because his sole contribution to the world at large is a stunningly beautiful album well-deserving of rediscovery.

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