3AM Eternal: Bettie Serveert “Kid’s Allright” (1993)

bettie serveert

Gotta love the hopeful optimism and devil-may-care alternative rock of the early 1990s, when little bands on little labels would get hooked up with major labels, all in the hopes of being “the next big thing.” Most of ’em weren’t, but many of them left behind great records.

For me, one of my favorite bands of that era was Bettie Serveert. Hailing from Sweden, they blended crunchy indie rock (a la Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr) with a hazy, stoned Velvet Underground/Stooges vibe. Their debut, Palomine, is an underrated classic, and this, the second single, is a great example of the band’s handiwork 

Unlike many bands of that era, Bettie Serveert is still going strong, having released their tenth album last year. Enjoy!

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